Dubai, UAE - The real estate industry is experiencing a significant transformation, fueled by technological advancements. Among these innovations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as a game-changer. According to recent data, AI in the property market is expected to reach over $1335 Bn by 2029.

Realiste, a company harnessing the power of AI, is at the forefront of this revolution, aiming to create a groundbreaking real estate exchange that allows investors to identify profitable opportunities, make instant online purchases from developers, and manage assets seamlessly. By leveraging AI, Realiste is revolutionizing the real estate industry in five key ways:

1. Intelligent Property Valuation and Predictions: Realiste's "Index" platform employs AI algorithms to swiftly calculate the current value of properties and provide projections for their expected value over the next five years in 10 seconds with 96% accuracy. This invaluable tool enables investors to make informed decisions regarding their real estate portfolio, maximizing profitability.

2. Market Insights: Realiste's AI algorithms conduct comprehensive data analysis to generate valuable market insights. Through this service, investors can identify undervalued properties in 20 cities worldwide with significant potential for future appreciation rates. By pinpointing the top 1% of available offers, Realiste guides investors towards the most promising investment opportunities.

3. Smart Portfolio Management: The "My Portfolio" smartphone app by Realiste acts as a stock tracker for real estate investments. Powered by AI, the app monitors market changes and recommends property sales or acquisitions, aiming to increase profitability and minimize risks for investors. With this tool, users can make data-driven decisions and optimize their real estate investments.

4. Instant Purchasing: Realiste's real estate platform allows investors to make instant online property purchases directly from developers. By eliminating intermediaries and streamlining the purchasing process, the platform reduces transaction time, providing a seamless experience for investors.

5. Location Ranking and Customization: Realiste's AI-powered platform features a unique functionality that ranks locations, projects, and developers based on multiple parameters. These parameters include access to water and parks, average price per square meter, availability of units for sale, forecasted growth in property value over the next one to five years, and more. This advanced ranking system empowers investors to identify opportunities that align with their specific preferences and investment goals.

"Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the real estate industry," said Alex Galtsev, CEO of Realiste. "These advancements are revolutionizing how properties are searched, bought, sold, and managed. With AI, real estate professionals can make data-driven decisions, enhance customer experiences, and drive operational efficiencies."

Realiste's commitment to leveraging AI in the real estate industry underscores its dedication to providing innovative solutions that empower investors and professionals alike.

About Realiste:

Realiste is a proptech company that develops AI-based products for real estate investments. The company uses cutting-edge technology to provide investors with valuable insights and data-driven solutions for making smarter investment decisions. In 2022, it was recognized as the leading artificial intelligence company in the UAE.

Realiste is committed to driving innovation and growth in the real estate industry, and is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech sector.

The company’s goal is to build the first real estate exchange that can help to identify the most profitable options in the market, allow purchase online within seconds directly from developers, and manage all the purchased assets in one place.

The company’s headquarters are located in Dubai. Overall, Realiste covers over 20 cities, including Riyadh, Jakarta, Abu Dhabi, London, New York, Bangkok, Dubai, and Bali island. By the end of 2023, the team aims to expand Realiste to more than 30 cities globally, partnering with local businesses that share the company’s vision and have an in-depth understanding of their markets.

Realiste has strong advisers on board, including representatives of top developers and business elites in the UAE. Among them is Fatima Al Jaber, Board Member and Head of Projects Committee at Al Jaber Group, who was listed in Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women in 2014. Another adviser is Ahmed Alenazi, the former CEO of STC Pay, the first fintech unicorn in Saudi Arabia. Realiste's team also includes other influential businessmen from the MENA region who provide the company with non-public information about the real estate market.