Ministry of Information, Eritrea

The Ministry of Agriculture has announced that the desert locust infestation which has occurred in the Northern Red Sea, Southern and Central Regions from July 2023 is put under control, according to a report from the Public Relations Office of the Ministry.

According to Mr. Tesfit Gerezghier, Head of Crop Development Division and Coordinator of Desert Locust Control Operations in the Northern Red Sea Region, untimely rainfall in the eastern lowlands of the region created a conducive environment for extensive locust breeding across vast areas of the Red-Sea coastal areas and the locust spread to Southern and Central regions.

Mr. Efriem Aron, representing the Migratory Pests Control Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture on his part, disclosed that a total of 2300 hectares of land was infested in the three regions.

He further indicated that the locust infestation is put under control without causing any significant damage to crops thanks to the coordinated effort made by around 1800 people, experts and members of Eritrean Defense Forces.

The Head of Plant Protection Unit in the Central Region, Ms. Haymanot Embaye on her part stated that a number of swarm incidences occurred in the Central Region and indicated that appropriate control measures were undertaken.

Residents of Adi-Qe, the Central Region, on their part, commended the immediate response and quick locust control measures taken by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Finally, the Ministry of Agriculture called upon all stakeholders to remain alert to deal with locust swarms that could possibly come from neighboring countries.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Information, Eritrea.