Doha, Qatar: As a step towards enhancing road safety and reduce incidence of accidents in Qatar, Ministry of Interior urged motorists to follow traffic rules and driving guidelines during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued guidelines for safe driving practices, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and responsibility to ensure one's own safety and that of others.

Here are the key recommendations:

1. Exercise caution and avoid speeding, particularly before Iftar. It's crucial to follow the speed limits and manage emotions that might affect driving behavior due to fasting.
2. During Iftar and Suhoor times, focus solely on driving. In case there is a need to eat or drink, it is advisable to use designated areas for the purpose before continuing journey.
3. Always check that the road is clear from all directions before crossing, and use the designated zebra crossings, especially during busy hours.
4. Children should not play on streets, especially in residential areas, at night to prevent accidents. Ensure they use designated play areas.
5. Do not drive if one is feeling fatigued, dizzy, or under the influence of medication or substances that impair concentration. It's better to rest until one is in a proper condition to drive.

Furthermore, the Ministry has also provided advice on fire safety and appealed for cooperation in addressing the issue of begging, highlighting its commitment to public safety and wellbeing.

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