JEDDAH — Obesity among Saudis reached 23.7 percent, according to the National Health Survey for the year 2023. The survey findings showed that the obesity rate among Saudi men stood at 23.9 percent, while it reached 23.5 percent among women and the total obesity recorded 23.7 percent.

According to the survey, the prevalence of obesity among adults, aged15 years and above, reached about 24 percent. As far as children under the age of 15 years are concerned, the obesity among them accounted for 7.3 percent, while those who are under normal weight are 41 percent.

It was found that the percentage of adults who eat vegetables and fruits one or more times a day is 37 percent and 25 percent respectively. The percentage of adults who smoke any type of tobacco was about 18 percent.

The percentage of adult smokers is 17.5 percent, while non-smokers are 82.5 percent, the survey showed

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