ABU DHABI - Abu Dhabi City Municipality has announced that nine parks for People of Determination (POD) across Abu Dhabi Islands and the mainland received the World Disability Union Prize for 2023.

Certifications of accreditation for the parks announced as “friendly” facilities for People with Disabilities were given for implementing world environmental standards for People of Determination (POD) and providing them with safe and sustainable entertainment facilities.

The parks receiving the prize, categorised into gold, silver, and bronze levels, were Dolphin Park, Al Boom Park, Al Siji Park, Dalma Park, Al Bahya Park, Al Khatm Park, Al Jouri Park, Khalifa Square, and Rabdan Park.

The recognition motivates the Municipality to intensify efforts in creating inclusive environments. Abu Dhabi City Municipality commits to enhancing facilities with dedicated parking, improved grounds, and accessible amenities, reinforcing its dedication to accessibility and ensuring Abu Dhabi remains a leader in inclusivity.