If you have ever been to Gulfood, you know that it is the wonderland for unique and quirky food. From sea urchins and chicken chips to stirrable tea bags and tea elixir, there are plenty of cool things to check out at Gulfood 2024.

One of the largest food trade fairs in the world, the event kicked off in Dubai on Monday and has brought together thought leaders, F&B experts and futurists in one place. Here are some of the unique food items team KT found there:

1. Stirrable teabags: A teabag which has a stirrer inside and is much less messier than usual teabags is one of the interesting things at the exhibition. Started up by Sri Lankan company TGo, the brand has these stirrable teabags in various flavors including a cold brew range of strawberry melonade and orange minty blossom.

2. Four year-old sea urchin: Uni, the eatable part of sea urchin, is an expensive delicacy. One Japanese brand has established one of the world’s first sea urchin regenerative system where these urchins are grown for four years and then uses a special freezing technology to make sure they don’t lose their texture or colour. Nominated for the Gulfood innovation award in the frozen category, it is definitely something to check out.

3. Meal replacement: The Polish brand Eatyx has an ambitious plan - replace meals altogether. With its range of hot meals, cold meals, protein shakes, vitamin and mineral shots among others, the brand hopes to replace meals completely with its hyperfood. “It will be a game changer,” said manager Aleksander Gierasimiuk. “We have included in it everything that a human body needs to stay healthy.”

4. Tea elixir: The product by tea company Dilmah is extracted either in black tea or green tea and enriched with natural ingredients like peach, lychee and butterscotch. Right now only available for commercial use, the tea elixir can be used by diluting with cold or hot water

5. Chicken chips: You know chicken and you know chips. Now imagine putting those together! Local brand GMG has come out with an innovative product called Shnax. Crafted from 100 per cent chicken and airfried, it is a protein-rich, healthy snack that rethinks the concept of chips. Coming in four flavours, it is definitely a unique concept.

6. Merlot vine jelly: Produced by French family business Maison Goubet, the Merlot vine jelly is 100 per cent alcohol free and halal. Made from the high-quality Merlot grapes, the jelly has a very complex taste structure, making it a winner of the coveted Gulfood Innovation award in the condiment category.

7. Baby formula from cow fat: A unique baby formula made from cow fat is making the rounds at Gulfood. Using a recipe that was crafted 20 years ago at a Heinz factory, Kendamil is a unique formula that is being run as a small family business.

8. Quinoa cakes: You have seen rice cakes. But what about quinoa, corn, lentil or even buckwheat cakes? Produced by Polish company Lestello, these snack items are not only crunchy and filling but also gluten free and vegan.


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