Riyadh: The Saudi Music Commission announced that the 'Sound of Saudi' competition won the Golden Award for the most effective campaign in the Middle East at the MENA Effie Awards 2023, in cooperation with advertising agencies in the Kingdom.

In a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the CEO of XELEMENT, Amro Aboonoq, said that "Winning this prestigious award is a proud testimony to the ability of Saudi creativity to weave inspiring success stories driven by ambition and proudly proving in all its chapters that there are no limits to Saudi talent and national creativity," emphasising the significance of partnerships between Saudi advertising agencies, government agencies, and brands in maximising the Kingdom's impact in this field.

The 'Sound of Saudi' competition has triumphed due to the tremendous public support it has garnered since its inception, despite the involvement of tens of thousands of musical artists and the subsequent follow-up of millions of users. This support demonstrates that the Kingdom's creative prowess surpasses that of several international brands competing in this worldwide festival, one of the largest annual gatherings where advertising and marketing agencies engage in competition.