Jeddah: The Red Sea Film Foundation announced that the film “Norah," which is backed by the Red Sea Fund, will be screened in Saudi and international theaters starting June 20.

“Norah” was screened last Thursday in the Un Certain Regard section at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, marking the first time a Saudi film has been selected for the festival's official lineup.

Directed by Tawfik Al-Zaidi, and starring Maria Bahrawi and the charismatic Yaqoub Al-Farhan, “Norah” has achieved an unprecedented feat for the Saudi cinema history. The film garnered immense attention, with tickets selling out only a few hours after reservations opened, receiving admiration from both critics and the public alike.

“Norah” was shot entirely in the enchanting city of arts and history, AlUla, nestled in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. With 40% of the film crew consisting of Saudis, it highlights the robust local support for the thriving film industry.

Transporting audiences to a small village in the nostalgic 1990s, the story of the film follows Norah, an imaginative young girl who crosses paths with Nader, an artist who sacrificed his passion for painting to teach the village's children.

“Norah” had its international premiere at the third annual Red Sea International Film Festival in December, where it clinched the prestigious Film AlUla Award for Best Saudi Feature Film.

The Red Sea Film Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to support Arab cinema and amplify its presence on the global stage.

Through dynamic initiatives like the Red Sea Fund, Red Sea Souk, and Red Sea Labs, the foundation provides unparalleled opportunities for Arab filmmakers to nurture their cinematic projects and showcase them to a worldwide audience.

These efforts not only elevate the stature of Arab cinema internationally but also open exciting new horizons for budding Arab talents to shine.