An unusual scene unfolded on Sheikh Zayed Road on Tuesday evening, as residents were on their way back home from work. And no, it wasn't just traffic due to heavy rains lashing the city.

The busy highway that usually sees cars zoom pass by had vehicles stuck in tailbacks, that were kilometres long, with some commuters disembarking from buses and taxis.

Frustrated motorists took to X to vent their anger, after being stuck in the traffic for 'up to 3 hours'. As per social media videos, the gridlock began around 3.30pm, with hardly with hardly any progress even at 7pm.

A few took to social media to appeal to RTA and Twitter user Karim Alayli at a standstill says he was stuck for 3 hours.

"Please help opening the road, we are stuck in traffic on Sheikh Zayed road towards Sharjah, near exit 39 for almost one hour now," another user tweeted.

Another user heading towards Abu Dhabi was stuck for 3 hours.

Dubai resident Harbinder Singh, who lives in a building overlooking the bustling road, captured the odd moment as people started stepping out of their vehicles.

"I was stuck in traffic for an hour before I finally reached home. I wanted to avoid the traffic so I parked on the opposite side of the road and walked all the way home."

Watch the videos here:

Another Dubai resident, Sheza, was surprised when she saw people casually walking on the highway. “I couldn’t take the metro since it was closed, and it took me three hours to get a cab. I really got lucky! On the ride back home I saw people walking down Sheikh Zayed Road because there is no metro and taxis are incredibly hard to find."

"Even the cab driver said he’d been in Dubai since 14 years but he had never seen anything like this," she added.

Earlier, RTA had announced a traffic diversion for road users of SZR who were coming from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. They have been advised to use Expo Road and Al Yalayis street.


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