CAIRO - The joint Egyptian-US archaeological mission operating in the south of Abydos has completed the restoration and maintenance of Queen Titi Sheri pyramid, alongside uncovering a cemetery from the era of King Ahmose.

Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the objective of the Teti Sheri pyramid’s restoration project, carried out by an Egyptian American mission, is to maintain and preserve the pyramid for the future generation.

The restoration work comprised the consolidation of the pyramid’s foundation and walls.

It also entailed replacing its missing parts to offer visitors a complete view of the pyramid and the construction methods used by the Ancient Egyptians to erect it.

Waziri added that the mission also uncovered a cemetery from the era of King Ahmose alongside ruins that might have been houses or service buildings dating back to the same era, while carrying out archaeological excavations in the area to the north of the pyramid of Ahmose in Abydos.