The photos of the mosques you see is not just one mosque, it's three different mosques, and they look exactly the same. These mosques are located at junctions in Al Quoz, Muhaisinah, and Al Hudaiba, enhancing the visual appeal of the junctions.

Named after Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, these mosques stand out with their stunning white exteriors adorned with golden details. Each mosque has two towering minarets and a grand central dome, along with over 15 smaller domes around it.

But it's not just about the outside beauty. Step inside, and you'll find a luxurious interior that takes your breath away. The interiors are intricately detailed, with elegant lighting and exquisite craftsmanship on the domes, pillars and ceilings. The large windows allow natural sunlight to flood in, adding to the mosque's serene atmosphere.

Despite their grandeur, the architects and designers of these mosques have kept the comfort of worshippers in mind. Each mosque boasts over 25 rows dedicated to prayers, ensuring that there's enough space for everyone to comfortably perform their religious duties.

In each row, nearly 35 worshippers can gather, allowing for a sizable congregation during prayer times. This thoughtful design not only accommodates a large number of people but also fosters a sense of unity and community among the faithful.

Moreover, the interior carpet, adorned in a soothing blue color, adds to the overall visual appeal of the space. The color choice is not just aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to the calming ambiance within the mosque. It creates a serene atmosphere conducive to deep reflection and devotion during prayers, enhancing the spiritual experience for worshippers.

While the mosque in Al Quoz may be slightly smaller in size compared to the ones in Muhaisinah and Al Hudaiba, it replicates their beauty and grandeur perfectly. Whether you're passing by Al Quoz, Muhaisinah, or Al Hudaiba, these mosques are sure to catch your eye and leave you in awe of their magnificence.

Many faithful chose this mosque over others due to its beautiful construction and the lighting it offers. “The perfect ambient lighting makes it so soothing to my eyes, body, and soul,” said Akram Azeez, a resident of Muhaisinah. “Being here at the Muhaisinah mosque for Taraweeh prayers over the last two years has been truly special for me. The inside of the mosque feels so peaceful and beautiful,” said Azeez.

“The pretty details and comfortable setting make me feel soothing every time I come here. It's like a special place where I can pray and admire the beauty of the mosque,” said Azeez.

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