SOCHI, Russia - The United Arab Emirates participated in the BRICS Chief Justices Forum, chaired by the Russian Federation. Delegations from a number of member states also attended.

The UAE delegation was headed by Mohammed Hamad Al Badi, President of the Federal Supreme Court, accompanied by Judge Shihab Abdul Rahman Al-Hammadi, Judge Ibrahim Obaid Ali Al Ali, and Nasser Saeed Nasser Al Shebli.

In his opening speech, Al Badi highlighted the importance of strengthening global governance for the international community to share development opportunities and address global challenges. He stressed that international rules should be established and maintained by all in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

Al Badi further highlighted that a safe investment environment is key to achieving sustainable economic development. He pointed to the judiciary's vital role in protecting investors' rights, encouraging investment, and fostering a stable and reliable business environment.

The President of the Federal Supreme Court reviewed the UAE's robust legal framework, including the Constitution and applicable laws, which guarantee the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms during criminal proceedings in line with international standards.