Doha, Qatar: The new real estate registration law has been issued to keep pace with latest developments and use information technology in providing services, said a top official.

“The Law No. (5) of 2024 for regulating real estate registration stipulates that the Real Estate Registration Department can provide its services completely electronically,” said Director of the Real Estate Registration Department at the Ministry of Justice Amer Al Ghaferi.

Speaking to Qatar TV recently, he said that it will ease the services provided by the Department to citizens, expatriates and the entire real estate sector.

“Now we are providing services through SAK application which requires the applicants to visit the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice for the ownership transfer process and some other transactions,” said Al Ghaferi.

He said that it is needed to verify the eligibility of applicants and confirm their willingness to submit this application, especially since the application they are submitting is a sale, mortgage or transfer application, and it includes the receipt of sums and other very important information.

“Today, the new law allows us to provide services completely electronically. Once the law is published in the Official Gazette and executive regulations are issued, we will start providing services fully digitally,” said Al Ghaferi.

Then, he said, the applicants do not need to visit the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice or any service centre to avail the services.

“The first fully digital service will be provided for real estate sale transactions and then other services will be introduced gradually,” said Al Ghaferi. Speaking about the executive regulations of the new real estate registration law, he said: “We are preparing draft of the executive regulations which will see the light of the day soon and will be implemented effectively.”

Under the provisions of the new law, customers will soon be able to buy and sell real estate electronically through the SAK application.

The new law also permits electronically carrying out the real estate registration procedures stipulated in the law, as per the controls and procedures issued by a decision from the Minister.

The law stipulates that for these procedures electronic requests and transactions have the legal authority prescribed for paper assets.

The law also added the feature of notating judicial rulings on the real estate page as soon as they are issued in order to avoid fraudulent operations, to add more transparency to transactions, and to inform the parties of all real estate data, which will contribute to reducing disputes between customers.

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