The special visa for job seekers provides a win-win situation for all stakeholders related to the job market.

The UAE’s new visa rule would assist the government in finding fresh talent, help job seekers save time, and provide companies with increased flexibility in their human resource (HR) practices.

The new type of entry visa, titled ‘explore job opportunities', by the government provides easy entry for young talents and skilled workers to explore new job opportunities without requiring a host or sponsor in the UAE.

The change was among many new visa rules approved by the UAE Cabinet. Previously, several hundreds of thousands of employment seekers arrived in the UAE on a visit visa searching for future jobs. Furthermore, it is illegal for companies to employ workers while on tourist visas.

Deepa Sud, the CEO of Plum Jobs, said the UAE government has opened up the country to welcome new talent into the country. “It is evident they are looking for potential talent across sectors. They encourage more people to come here and look for jobs and make the UAE their long-term home. The new visa simplifies formalities.”

She added, “With this, all sectors are set to benefit. New businesses, the telecommunication sector, the immigration department, the Dubai Metro, the real estate sector, airlines, etc. It is a win-win for all parties.”

Sud said in a post-pandemic world; there is a shortage of skilled workers. “Such visas provide the next generation of job seekers a friendly environment to find their niche. It gives them a little more freedom, and since the process is cost-effective and hassle-free, it makes it a lot more effective.”

Commenting on the time constraint and short deadlines job seekers face, Huma Afreen, a human resource specialist at the Transnational Academic Group, said, “In the recruitment cycle, the time has often been a constraint in the past. Having more flexibility toward visa options would help attract many young and skilled candidates worldwide, improving the quality of our talent pool.”

The company facilities human resource requirement for Curtin University, Dubai. “And from a candidate’s perspective, the new rules give them sufficient time and flexibility to find a job they are happy with, at the right level, pay and so on,” Huma added.

Athul Mohan, a job seeker currently in Dubai on a visit visa, said, “I came to the UAE for the first time in 2020, and Covid-19 hit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything at that time. I came back last month to try my luck here again.”

A mechanical engineer, Athul is still on the lookout for a job. He said, “A visa specifically made for job-seeking purposes puts people like me in an advantageous position. Things would be more streamlined, and companies would treat us with better respect.”

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