From business professionals attending conferences to families reuniting and indulging in leisurely activities, the 5-year multiple-entry visa has proven to be a game-changer. It has helped frequent visitors save both time and money.

This long-term visa eliminates the need for repetitive application processes and allows visitors to plan their trips easily.

One of many visitors who makes the most of this long-term visa is Salim Kola, a bio-medical engineer, and a long-time Dubai resident who moved to Bangalore, in Karnataka state a few years ago. “I am delighted to have secured this visa soon after it was announced. I paid around Dh1,200 back then,” said Kola, who started his business in India after relocating.

Kola regularly travels to Dubai to meet his parents and relatives or sometimes for business. “Given that my father is still employed in Dubai and all my siblings and relatives reside there, it becomes necessary for me to visit every four months,” he added.

Apart from his family visits, Kola also travels for business, offering his expertise to many hospitals and medical facilities in the UAE. “The dynamic atmosphere of Dubai contributes significantly to the growth of my business. I have a handful of clients that require periodic visits,” said Kola.

Calling parents to UAE

Aftab Hussain, a businessman and a resident of Sharjah has issued a long-term visa for his parents so that they visit UAE whenever they want. “Having this visa makes it easier for us to plan our trip. Earlier we used to wait for the visa which would take a few days for issuance,” said Hussain.

“My parents reside in Hyderabad. For them, the travel is just a few hours away. Just book the tickets and board the flight,” said Hussain.

Eager tourists

Embracing the flexibility offered by the 5-year-multiple-entry visa, many tourists are taking advantage of the opportunity to explore Dubai a few times a year.

Resident of New Delhi (India), Shreya Chakravarty’s sister resides in Dubai and she frequently visits her. “I make annual visits, sometimes even twice a year. Possessing a five-year tourist visa would be advantageous, considering the current cost of a one-month visa to the UAE is over Dh350,” said Chakravarty.

If Chakravarthy visits the UAE twice annually, she incurs a cost of Dh700. However, over five consecutive years with two visits each, her total amounts to Dh3,500. This results in substantial savings of nearly Dh1,500 compared to the Dh2,000 visa cost through an agent.

“I am eager to apply for this visa due to the straightforward documentation requirements. It appears that maintaining a minimum balance of $4,000 in one's bank account and providing a six-month salary statement would suffice. This option proves to be more cost-effective, streamlining travel between the two countries and eliminating the need to apply for a visa each time I plan to visit the UAE,” added Chakravarty.

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