A 'circular' is making the rounds on WhatsApp among people in the travel and tourism industry, causing confusion for agents and passengers.

It says that travellers with a visa issued from Dubai cannot enter the country from Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. It also claims that such passengers have been deported.

Travel agents have been sceptical of the information that has been making the rounds on the social media messaging app. “This news has been circulating for a few days and nothing has been announced officially. I don’t think this is possible as visa holders can enter any airport in the UAE,” said Bharath Aidasani, Managing Partner at Pluto Travels.

Agents have received an overwhelming number of queries from concerned travellers seeking clarity on the situation.

“Our phones have been continuously ringing since the circular came out. Travellers are bothered about this circular, but the information is not accurate,” said Firoz Maliyakkal, Founder and CEO of Tahira Tours and Travels.

“There is no substantial evidence to support the claims of deportation and we are advising clients to exercise caution before believing such information,” added Firoz.

Indian tourist Akram Ahmed entered the UAE from Kochi on Wednesday via Sharjah International Airport. He flew by Air India and said his arrival process was seamless.

“I encountered no issues at the airport, despite having a Dubai-issued visa - there was no problem at all. My travel agent back in India also mentioned that ‘fake news’ about deportation and assured me that I would not face any problems,” he added.

These travel agents have also reached out to authorities to seek clarification on the same. “We want to assure the public that we are actively investigating the matter and have found no concrete evidence to validate the deportation claims mentioned in the circular", said Libin Varghese, Rooh Travel and Tourism.

Since the circular has sparked concern, passengers have been urged to rely on information from verified sources when making travel decisions.

A customer care agent at the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security has also confirmed the viral circular is unfounded. "Passengers travelling with a visa from Dubai can enter the country through any UAE airport," said the agent.

“Travellers are advised to stay informed through official channels and consult with their respective travel agents for the most up-to-date and reliable information,” Firoz said.

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