The first step in this process has been the establishment of Islamic banking industry on a country-by-country basis. In several regions, this sector has seen great success, capturing up to 25% of banking market shares as is the case for Malaysia

Perhaps the most significant sub-theme of the report, beyond connecting the academic and business worlds, is opening a channel for dialogue between professionals in different countries in the Islamic finance industry. Many of our authors have raised proposals to improve cross-border investing and harmonize Shariah opinions and frameworks for contracts and governance, which will bring collective benefits for the industry everywhere.

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  • Trends and Product Development in the Islamic Capital Market;
  • Shariah Governance and Legal Frameworks;
  • Shariah Issues in Islamic Capital Market Instruments;
  • Innovation in Islamic Capital Market Products;
  • Case Studies on the Intersection of Shariah and Prevailing Legal Frameworks; and
  • The Way Forward.