This is the second edition of the OIC Megatrends Report. As with the previous edition, the report analyses six global megatrends, their impact on the countries that make up the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and the role of Islamic finance to unlock the megatrends’ potential to transform these markets. 

This report identifies six inter-related megatrends to impact OIC nations as: Uneven Macroeconomic Performance, Sharing and Platform Economies, Green Economy, Urbanisation, Global Supply Chains and Future of Work. The first two look at shifting economies, which are playing out across OIC societies. The next two cover changing environments brought on by climate change and growing populations. The last two consider adapting ecosystems.

Access the full report to find out more about:

  • Gain insight on the comprehensive data informing our understanding of the megatrends
  • Understand the impact and opportunity of the six megatrends for countries within the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
  • The Islamic finance solutions with the potential to address the challenges and opportunities identified within these trends