Riyadh: The CEO of the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD), Sultan bin Abdulrahman Al-Murshed, has signed an agreement to finance the first phase of a project to supply the city of Kiffa with potable water in Mauritania, starting from the Senegal River, as part of the SFD delegation's visit to Mauritania.

The SFD contributes to financing the project with USD100 million as a soft development loan. The project supports the sustainability of water resources, clean water sources, and achievement of water and food security, in addition to reducing the rates of disease and epidemics resulting from polluted water.

Mauritanian Minister of Economic Affairs and Promotion of Productive Sectors Ousmane Mamoudou Kane, who represented the Mauritanian side, hailed the importance of the great role played by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the SFD in supporting development projects and developing the infrastructure sector in the Republic of Mauritania, adding that these projects contribute to improving the social and economic conditions of the population.

The SFD's delegation also inaugurated three development projects in the water, health and education sectors.