Riyadh - Television officials of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) held, via video communication, their 13th meeting on Tuesday, headed by the CEO of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) Mohammed bin Fahd Al-Harthi.

Al-Harthi said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes everything that would enhance joint action among the Council, and confront the challenges of the media industry with a clear strategy that contributes to the advancement of the GCC television work, and satisfies the aspirations of the followers in accordance with the basic objectives established within the strategy of GCC during its 31st session, which aims to contribute to the promotion of opportunities for citizenship and unity, and the consolidation of societal values and interdependence among the peoples of the region.

The meeting discussed many topics on the agenda, he said, citing the preparation of a future five-year plan to organize the strategy of media action and joint television cooperation in the GCC member countries.

The meeting also reviewed the follow-up to the recommendations of their previous meetings and what would be appropriate for the current stage, and what would enhance joint TV media cooperation among the GCC member states.