UAE - The Nafis programme has successfully narrowed the gap between the government and private sectors in the UAE job market. With continuous updates, the programme's financial and training benefits have empowered Emirati employees, leading to unprecedented progress in the private sector.

In a social media post, the Council stated: "We believe that investing in our workforce is key to building a strong future. We're proud to offer Emirati salary support to support the growth and development of our private sector employees. Together, we're driving innovation and shaping a brighter tomorrow for our communities."

With financial support tailored to eligibility, the programme aims to enhance job opportunities for Emiratis in the private, banking, financial, and insurance sectors, with added financial assistance to their salaries based on specific criteria.

Last month, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation announced the highest private sector localisation rate in the country's history.

Around 79,000 citizens were employed in the private sector, meeting half-yearly localisation targets for companies with 50 or more employees.

This marked a significant 57 per cent increase compared to the figures reported at the end of 2022, which was 50,228 citizens. With approximately 17,000 private companies employing citizens.

The programme expanded in November last year, aiming to support over 170,000 Emirati citizens in the private and banking sectors within five years.

Updates included financial support for all private and banking employees, regardless of their employment date, and expanded salary support for Emirati workers, as long as their salary doesn't exceed Dh30,000.

Financial allowances were raised with a maximum monthly allowance of Dh7,000 for bachelor's degree holders, Dh6,000 for diploma holders, and Dh5,000 for high school graduates and below.

Additional support of Dh600 per child for those earning up to Dh50,000 monthly and job-loss support extended to 12 months.

The programme also covers nursing professionals in the medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors, developing the country's medical workforce.

Nafis calls on jobseekers and private companies to register and participate actively in the programme, emphasising the significant role of citizen employees in the private sector, particularly at the higher skill levels.

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