CAPE TOWN - H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, attended a “Friends of BRICS” meeting held today in Cape Town, South Africa.

During the meeting, Sheikh Abdullah expressed his happiness at attending the meeting, which underscored the partnership and strong friendship within the BRICS group.

In his speech, he affirmed that the UAE values and backs the BRICS group, especially given its world-scale significance in supporting peace, security and prosperity globally.

“The UAE is pleased to be a friend to the BRICS group and is committed to expanding and deepening its cooperation with the group, its member states and its partners in driving development and prosperity,” Sheikh Abdullah said.

He then highlighted the rising influence of the BRICS group in recent years, noting that it accounts for 30 percent of the world’s overall economic growth since 2001, and the group’s economies currently account for 25 percent of the global GDP.

The BRICS group’s inclusive approach is among its distinguishing characteristics, as enables it to widen its cooperation with international economic institutions and create a broader platform for representing developing and emerging economies at a global level, he added.

The BRICS group, as part of the changing world that seeks multilateral action, should continue advancing its institutional system and broaden its international presence by supporting emerging economies, Sheikh Abdullah stressed, affirming the UAE’s support for the group and its keenness to become an active and contributing BRICS member.

He also explained the UAE’s contributions and role as a partner of the BRICS group and its member countries, as well as a reliable source of energy and a strong advocate for issues facing developing countries. He then pointed out the UAE’s active participation in multipartite initiatives, such as joining the New Development Bank and investing heavily in infrastructure, food security, clean energy, transportation and industry.

“The UAE will continue to work with you to address global challenges and foster a balanced and sustainable approach to driving climate action and achieving the energy transition,” Sheikh Abdullah said.

He then underscored the UAE’s vision of a future based on constructive cooperation and common goals. He also affirmed the country’s backing of BRICS and highlighted its focus on three key pillars, which are promoting financial and economic development through cooperation and openness, respecting the sovereignty of other countries and pursuing peaceful resolutions to conflicts; and working to ensure justice and representation in the global governance system.