Riyadh: The number of visitors to Riyadh Season has exceeded 5 million since its launch on October 28, indicating a significant acceleration in the widespread interest in the Season's zones, diverse events, and its unique experiences.

The Riyadh Season stands out with its increasing entertainment momentum and the rising number of visits since its very beginning under the theme "Big Time." Starting with its opening featuring "The Battle of the Baddest," attended by large numbers of visitors and renowned personalities from around the world, the event marked a unique milestone in the region.

In the past period, the Season has excelled in registering substantial visit numbers and accomplishing notable achievements, complementing the spectrum of entertainment options through qualitative events and experiences.

The Season's visits are expected to double in the coming periods, given the increasing activities day by day. The Season organizes several exhibitions, festivals, and boxing matches, in addition to various exhibitions, festivals, and diverse events.

Riyadh Season marks its fourth edition under the theme "Big Time," featuring a diverse array of global entertainment options and experiences. Attracting visitors from across the globe to the capital city, Riyadh, during the winter months each year, the Season offers a chance to partake in thousands of music concerts, exhibitions, and other unique entertainment events.

Elite celebrities and renowned brands participate in these activities.

Tickets for the Season’s events and experiences can be booked through the WeBook app at this link: http://onelink.to/wbkapp.