Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently launched a new initiative, (Accounts Manager), for its distinguished customers from companies and institutions, which deals with the authority’s various institutions and sectors through its Customer Happiness Department.

The (Accounts Manager) initiative aims to enhance the happiness of corporate and institutional customers in the local business community of the Emirate of Dubai by facilitating and accelerating the services provided to them.

The most important objectives of this initiative are to strengthen partnerships with the private sector, develop customer loyalty by providing a distinguished service experience, lead in customer happiness and provide smooth, personal, and proactive services based on customers' needs.

Mehailah Alzehmi, Director of the Customer Happiness Department in the Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector at RTA, said, "The (Account Manager) initiative constitutes an important step in keeping pace with the wise government's directions in improving the quality of life and the well-being of society in all sectors and at the business sector level. Providing a customized experience for this category, which is one of the economic pillars of the emirate of Dubai."

Alzehmi pointed out that the initiative facilitates exclusive access to the RTA's business services package. This feature represents an opportunity for the business community of companies and institutions joining this initiative to work on strengthening the partnership between the government and private sectors and keeping them aware of the investment opportunities through these consultations and access to investment experts at the Roads and Transport Authority to discuss the company's growth opportunities.

This initiative offers a service to address inquiries related to legislative and legal aspects. Companies and institutions that join the initiative will have access to experts who can answer their questions about commercial transportation legislation and regulations. Additionally, they can receive VIP service at customer happiness centres and service provider centres affiliated with RTA.