Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a co-working concept with The Co-Spaces, a leading business incubator certified by the Dubai SME and provider of innovative co-working solutions called WO-RK.

The co-working space is scheduled to launch in Q2 of 2024 on a trial base, offering an easily accessible, affordable, and inspiring workspace within the bustling Burjuman Metro Station.

Situated within the Dubai Metro network, WO-RK offers seamless accessibility via the metro and other public transport modes, obviating the necessity for car commuting and contributing to the last-mile transport solutions. This not only aids in alleviating traffic congestion and lessens the carbon emissions caused by ‘first or last mile’ travel, but also cultivates a sustainable urban environment, aligning harmoniously with the ethos of a progressive workspace. Embracing the notion of hybrid workspaces, WO-RK caters to the evolving needs of individuals beyond conventional fixed work environments.

Mohammed Al Hammadi, Director of Commercial and Investment, RTA, said, “RTA is proud to see one of its concepts has turned into a reality with the provision of coworking spaces within Burjuman Metro Station. Through this initiative, RTA seeks to achieve its strategic goals aligned with Dubai Urban Plan 2040 aiming to make Dubai the world’s best city for living. This includes improving accessibility and fostering better integration. Co-working spaces offer innovative solutions and flexibility, in an ultra-modern conducive work and adaptable environment that actively supports a healthy work/life balance for all its members. Based on the success of the launch of the first co-working space in Burjuman Metro Station, RTA will look at expanding it to other favourable locations along the metro network."

Shahzad Bhatti, founder of The Co-Spaces, commented, "We are proud to collaborate with RTA on the inception of WO-RK, a revolutionary co-working concept. This partnership aligns with our commitment to providing innovative work solutions and fostering a dynamic work environment. As we embark on this journey with the RTA, we look forward to shaping the future of workspaces together, offering a unique blend of convenience, flexibility, and community engagement. WO-RK is not just a co-working space; it's a testament to our shared commitment to innovation, accessibility, and the holistic well-being of our community and we look forward to expanding this vision across Dubai’s mobility hubs.”

In addition to its physical workspace offerings, WO-RK stands out by providing essential business support services. The business incubator streamlines the process of obtaining mainland licences, Ejari, and business addresses. It also facilitates the growth and development of businesses within its premises through educational and mentorship programs.

Beyond the professional realm, WO-RK places a strong emphasis on community engagement. Shared spaces are designed to encourage socialisation, fostering connections among members through activities such as shared meals, meetings, and networking events. The co-working space takes a holistic approach by organising various events, workshops, and classes to cultivate a sense of community among its diverse members.