Car rental companies across the UAE are experiencing an unprecedented surge in bookings for the long Eid break. Many companies have reported that their entire fleets are fully booked until next week. The high demand has prompted some companies to implement surge pricing, leading to a nearly 20 percent increase in rental charges.

As car rental companies found themselves flooded with bookings, many customers have been left scrambling for available vehicles. The surge in demand has surpassed expectations, catching rental companies off guard and resulting in a shortage of available cars.

“The surge in bookings started during the beginning of April and our fleet was nearly sold out on April 6 for Eid holidays,” said Ahmed Al Hassani from Accelerate Rentals based in Al Nahda Dubai.

“We've seen an overwhelming number of bookings for the Eid break, and our entire fleet is completely booked until next week,” added Al Hassani.

Similarly, Mohammed Ali, from Track Car Rentals, said: “Our phones have been ringing off the hook with inquiries for car rentals during the Eid break. Unfortunately, we had to turn away many customers as our entire fleet has been reserved well in advance,”

The surge in bookings has led to a sharp increase in rental prices, with some companies reporting a nearly 20 percent rise in rates compared to normal periods.

“By the first week of April, a significant portion of our vehicle fleet had already been reserved. Despite this, we made arrangements to provide vehicles to our loyal customers. Through partnerships with other companies, we sourced additional vehicles, that contributed to the subsequent surge in prices,” said Royal Rent A Car, based in Abu Hail.

“We understand that the surge in rental prices may be a concern for some customers, but it's a necessary measure to manage the high demand and ensure that we can continue to provide quality service,” said Al Hassani.

Many companies said that the heightened demand is also because of people travelling to the UAE for the Eid break.

“This heightened demand is primarily from travellers originating from GCC countries, who typically flock to the UAE during this festive period to celebrate with family and friends,” said Soham Shah, founder and CEO of Selfdrive Mobility.

According to Shah, the most in-demand vehicles were the larger vehicles, like SUVs and crossover vehicles. “Preference for spacious and comfortable vehicles, particularly full-sized and compact SUVs were in high demand. These vehicles are well-suited to accommodate families travelling together, providing ample space for both passengers and luggage, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey during this special occasion,” said Shah.

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