DUBAI– "Smart Dubai takes a holistic approach to digital development, and it sets the bar high," read the Judges’ report announcing Smart Dubai’s winning of the "Best Smart City Innovation Impact – Global 2020" title, an award organised by Capital Finance International, CFI, a print news journal and online resource reporting on business, economics, and finance.

The award was given to Smart Dubai in recognition of its success in designing and delivering integrated cross-sector services and harnessing innovation to create the smartest and happiest city on Earth.

"Emerging technologies have enormous potential to reinvent the city as we know it and tremendously transform people’s lives for the better along the way," said Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director-General of Smart Dubai. "Smart Dubai has a clear vision to build a world-leading smart city centred around the happiness of its citizens.

We have made remarkable progress in this mission and are honoured to have our efforts recognised by being awarded for the Best Smart City Innovation Impact - Global title by a prestigious entity such as Capital Finance International." "Guided by the forward-thinking vision and directives of our wise leadership, Dubai – and the UAE as a whole – has come a long way in embracing and utilising advanced technologies, establishing the emirate as a global hub for technology and an exemplary smart city of the future," Dr Aisha added.

Smart Dubai earned the award for the multiple projects it has launched to spearhead Dubai’s transition into a world-leading smart city. These include Smart Dubai’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, which was established in partnership with IBM to transform the emirate into a testbed for innovation and a global hub for advanced technology, as well as its role in bringing public and private entities together to develop emerging technology and data science projects.

The award recognises Smart Dubai’s contributions to the blockchain sector. The department has implemented 24 use cases across eight sectors where the technology can be practically employed. It also acknowledges Smart Dubai’s efforts to eliminate the use of paper in government transactions, which has allowed the emirate to save US$197 million (AED723.6m) in costs, millions of hours of labour, and tens of thousands of trees.


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