Saudi Arabia - The well-known global food brand McDonald's has entered into an agreement with Forty Mall to establish its first branch in the Al-Quway’iyah governorate. McDonald's has chosen the Forty Mall complex, after conducting an in-depth commercial feasibility study, as a result of which this commercial complex was chosen.

Forty Mall is distinguished by its strategic location in Al-Quway’iyah governorate, which is located in the west of Riyadh. The complex, which is one of the governorate's main buildings, stands out due to its modern and its exterior façade’s appearance fashioned on the idea of the boulevard outdoor seating area.

The massive commercial complex is situated in a prime spot on the Highway number 40, which links Taif, Makkah, and Jeddah to the cities of Dammam and Riyadh.

The commercial complex serves Al-Quway’iyah governorate, dozens of administrative centers and hundreds of villages neighboring the governorate, and also serves travelers on the highway heading to Makkah Al-Mukarramah to perform Hajj and Umrah rituals.

The launching of the new McDonald's branch in the Forty Mall complex in Al-Quway’iyah comes in response to serving its customers in Al-Quway’iya, the administrative centers and neighboring villages.

This branch is also considered part of the framework of the McDonald's strategic plan, which is based on expansion in all cities and governorates of the Kingdom, as this branch strengthens the network of branches distributed throughout a number of different regions of the Kingdom.

McDonald's has chosen the Forty Mall complex precisely because to serve the city and travelers on the highway, in addition to its distinguished location in Al-Quway’iyah governorate.

The new McDonald's branch in the Forty Mall complex will provide all the different and distinctive meals, as McDonald's serves its customers around the clock, through a series of its branches that are geographically spread in various cities and governorates of the Kingdom, which is considered one of the largest markets at the level of the Arab region.

It is noteworthy that the Forty Mall complex was designed according to a modern and new concept to meet the needs of its customers of various social levels, as the complex includes the most prestigious and famous brands, and it was designed according to the highest international standards with the aim of ensuring a unique shopping experience that suits all members of the family. The complex, which is the first of its sort in the Al-Quway’iyah governorate, has a number of commercial exhibitions, a Panda supermarket, a food court area, (remove huge stores this), unique cafés and restaurants, cinema, Sparky's, as well as different entertainment facilities.

The Forty Mall center is distinguished by its strategic location on the Riyadh-Makkah Al-Mukarramah highway, allowing those who are traveling towards Makkah Al-Mukarramah to stop, disembark, and shop. The center meets the needs of the residents of Al-Quway’iya and its neighboring villages, and also serves those who are traveling on the Highway 40, which connects the Arab Gulf states and the east of the Kingdom with its western region and crosses Al-Quway’iya governorate from its center. It is estimated that the number of people who pass there will be more than ten million passengers annually, between people who perform Hajj and Umrah, and ordinary travelers. Al-Quway’iyah is considered to be the dry port of Riyadh.

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