Thursday 08th, September 2016

Oman Society of Contractors (OSC) is planning to classify contractors. The classification is expected to open up opportunities for the whole segment of the contracting community and to create a level playing field. According to the officials at the OSC, the classification will be able to highlight a company's ability and quality to implement projects.

"It will bring in benefits to the contractors themselves, whether they are large or small companies, the clients or whether they are individual consumers and it will definitely be a benefit for the government," said Shaswar al Balushi, CEO of Oman Society of Contractors speaking to Oman Observer.

The classification is expected to reduce many of the challenges that are faced today by the contracting sector in the country such as manpower and contractual related issues. "We will classify large companies, medium and small sized companies. It will enable the contractors to benchmark themselves and get an insight on how to improve themselves to move forward," explained Al Balushi. The classification does not restrict companies, said the OSC Chief Executive as small companies might be very good at what they are doing and they can deliver that particular service very well. "A company can be small but can be better than many. The classification will bring spotlight to these companies to big clients who are looking for the right company to do the particular job. It is like using the right tool to implement the right fixing or maintenance, for example to use the right hammer to hit the right nail." OSC has been working extensively with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Manpower, Raffd Fund and the Public Authority for SMEs.

"We have presented the classification and it will be done on an electronic basis. There will be random inspections," pointed out the OSC Chief.

The certification of Classification will be issued by Oman Society for Contractors as it is an independent body representing the sector.

"We have reached the final stage now. The package is being reviewed by both the ministries for both respective ministers to take the decisions."

The OSC has about 110 members, but the sector is bigger than that, which is why now the Society is taking steps to encourage the smaller and medium contracting companies to join it to be represented.

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