Egypt is projected to witness a shortfall on its renewable power generation target for both 2022 and 2035 partly because of its overdependency on gas, albeit is set to achieve its 2035 wind power target, GlobalData reported.

In its report, the leading data and analytics company has revealed that Egypt’s renewable power generation will fall short by 7.20% of its 2022 target and 15% short of its 2035 target.

Attaurrahman Ojindaram Saibasan, Power Analyst at GlobalData, commented: “Egypt has tremendous potential for renewable energy, but the market faces multiple challenges.”

Some of the challenges Saibasan noted include the overdependency on gas-based power generation and the existing monopoly of state-run companies in the electricity sector, and a lack of private investment.

To meet its rapidly increasing energy demand, the Egyptian government has taken an energy diversification strategy known as the ‘Integrated Sustainable Energy Strategy’ (ISES), aiming to maintain the security and stability of the country’s energy supply.

Saibasan added: “Egypt is recognised as having some of the world’s best wind power resources on the east and west banks of the Nile, as well as in the Gulf of Suez. With high wind speed measuring up to 9-10 meters per second, and solid investments made in this area, GlobalData estimates that the country should easily meet its wind power target. Wind power is expected to account for 12.20% of the total annual generation in 2035. Given the climate, the country’s solar potential is also high.”

New transmission infrastructure essential for renewable development

The Egyptian government has enacted a number of policies to encourage the use of renewables. However, the country's recent efforts have been focused on preventing outages.

Saibasan noted: “Developing new transmission infrastructure will be essential for the promotion of renewable power in Egypt, since most of its renewable power generation sites are situated in remote areas and far from consumption centres. Improvements to grid connections are also required for grid integration, as well as evacuation of power generated from renewable sources.”

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