Sharjah Airport is fully prepared to welcome passengers during Eid Al Fitr holiday, with plans to handle the expected increase in flight movement and accommodate the growing demand for travel to and from the UAE.

Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA) expects to welcome approximately 550,000 passengers through Sharjah Airport and handle more than 3200 flight movements from 2nd to 15th April, with an average daily movement of over 42,000 passengers.

Sharjah Airport has completed its preparations to accommodate the expected record increase in flight movements and passenger traffic during this season, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and smooth travel experience for airport users.

The team at Sharjah Airport is keen to provide optimal service that meets the expectations of travelers, whether they are arriving in Sharjah or traveling outside the UAE, thus enhancing the fluidity of movement at the airport.

Travel and flight movements through Sharjah Airport connect with over 100 international destinations spanning the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, North and East Africa, Commonwealth of Independent States, and Europe.

SAA, along with its strategic partners, will implement a detailed plan to manage the influx of travelers and flight movements, ensuring the highest level of facilities and services, especially for customer service employees, and preparing support facilities for social groups such as the elderly, children, patients, and people of determination.