Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, has announced that the airline's regular flight schedules have been restored as of today.

In a statement, Clark said that passengers previously stranded in the airport transit area have been rebooked and are en route to their destinations. “We have put together a task force to sort, reconcile, and deliver some 30,000 pieces of left-behind baggage to their owners.”

“We diverted dozens of flights to avoid the worst of the weather on Tuesday, and over the next 3 days, we had to cancel nearly 400 flights and delay many more, as our hub operations remained challenged by staffing and supply shortages,” the airline's president went on to explain. “We were clear on our 2 priorities: Look after our customers who have been impacted by the disruption and get our operations back on schedule.”

He continued, "It will take us some more days to clear the backlog of rebooked passengers and bags, and we ask for our customers’ patience and understanding."