Emirates Gas and Emarat introduce new LPG cylinder seal

Emirates Gas and Emarat urge customers to buy LPG cylinders only from authorised distributors


DUBAI - ENOC Group’s subsidiary Emirates Gas, EMGAS, and Emarat have jointly introduced a new seal for LPG cylinders that not only adds to the safety of users but also maintains the availability of authentic products, increases operational efficiencies in the market and protects consumer rights.

The unified Polyvinyl Chloride, PVC, seal has various new elements including colour, material, position of the hologram and a unique serial number along with tamper-proof features.

Green in colour, the new seal carries the hologram of Emirates Gas and Emarat, each with a unique serial number positioned horizontally on the shrink seal to mitigate any illegal distribution of LPG cylinders by unauthorised distributors. Unlike the old LPG cylinder seal, the new seal is equipped with an aluminium foil cap which is impossible to duplicate and reuse after it is unpacked once.

Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, ENOC Group, said, "The safety of our customers and distributors remains our paramount priority. Introducing the new seal for LPG cylinders is one of several measures we undertake to curb attempts which threaten the safety of customers, employees and members of the community. This initiative underpins our commitment to maintain the highest HSE standards at Emirates Gas as well as add to the safety and well-being of our customers." Earlier, Emirates Gas used a yellow seal whereas EMARAT had a white seal and both entities used their own unique serial number. In order to further enhance safety, the hologram has now been positioned at the top of the cap which will get damaged once the seal is broken as it is made of thin aluminium foil and attached to the seal.

With the launch of its unified seal, Emirates Gas and Emarat urge customers to buy LPG cylinders only from authorised distributors and ensure the seal is intact and only cut in front of them after the purchase is made.

Customers should also request a validated VAT invoice from the distributor for each transaction as per the UAE Government regulations, which can be used as proof if any complaint needs to be raised.

Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Director-General, Emarat, said, "Echoing our esteemed partners at ENOC Group, the safety of our customers is of principal importance and the introduction of a new and improved LPG cylinder seal ensures an additional layer of operational reassurance. The teams have worked tirelessly on making adjustments to give the user a better and safer experience and we thank those involved for developing a higher quality product. Through continued research in science and manufacturing, we at Emarat are committed to bringing new innovations to our customers to maintain an impeccable service offering." Emirates Gas and Emarat are the only two Government authorised entities allowed to fill LPG cylinders at its bottling plants located in Dubai. LPG cylinders are flammable and are required to be thoroughly checked before every filling to ensure zero leakage and no safety hazards such as cylinder bulge that can lead to unwanted accidents.

Emirates Gas and Emarat work with various government entities to reduce violations to regulations set for the distribution of LPG cylinders in Dubai.

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