06 July, 2014

Sanjeev Gupta speaks on Cultural Intelligence at Murdoch Executive Series


Sanjeev Gupta speaks on Cultural Intelligence at Murdoch Executive Series
Dubai, 6 July 2014: Cultural Intelligence (CI) - a relatively new concept introduced only in the past decade is today regarded as one of the most important leadership skills. The concept has grabbed the attention of many scholars who have conducted in-depth research and produced papers on the definition of CI, how it can be honed as a skill and ways to measure its effectiveness.

Executive speaker, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, discussed 'Cultural Intelligence and its Role for Future Leaders' with a rather pragmatic approach at the fourth edition of the Murdoch Executive Series, held on June 24, 2014 at Towers Rotana on Sheikh Zayed Road. According to him, "Cultural Intelligence is hardly a new concept and is something that is best understood practically."

Sanjeev Gupta, the Managing Partner for Emerging Markets M&A at Ernst Young, has more than two decades of work experience in evolving, multi-cultural markets with CI playing a key role in his portfolio. He believes that it is the pace of change that is driving people to transform paradigms and explore Cultural Intelligence - a process which is intuitively logical rather than something that is learned or acquired. It involves getting rid of pre-conditioned notions and questioning concepts that surround us in the face of change.

The world today is starkly different with the advent of globalization, technological innovations and cross culture amalgamations that have resulted in the increasing significance of Cultural Intelligence. It is for this reason that we simply cannot afford to just be tolerant to cultural differences but rather to cultivate curiosity to understand cultural differences. Only then will we be able to effectively communicate across cultural barriers. In Sanjeev's words, "These differences should not be seen as a barrier to progress. Instead it should be looked at as a source of positive synergy."

Sanjeev Gupta also spoke on how businesses need to incorporate CI into their business models if they wish to thrive as successful leaders in the future. With cultural integration being at the forefront of today's changing word, it is crucial for us to develop the ability to adapt to various cultures in order to successfully "communicate, collaborate, and negotiate with people from diverse backgrounds."

This fourth edition of the Murdoch Executive Series was well attended by more than 100 industry professionals from various leading organisations and associations from across the UAE, including Ernst Young, Shell Aviation, Dubai Islamic Bank and the Australian & New Zealand Association (ANZA). The series is supported by Dubai International Academic City and is a part of Murdoch University Dubai's CSR initiative to bridge industry and classroom, for a more holistic learning experience. The Murdoch Executive Series aims to boost corporate awareness across sectors, allowing attendees to learn valuable lessons and best practices from prominent leaders, artists and corporate gurus like Sanjeev Gupta.

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