• Prepared to deal with every real estate project uniquely through various facilities to alleviate financing burdens.
  • Aiming to overcome the obstacles of positive joint work with our partners from different sectors, and to intensify efforts, unify systems, and achieve the goals of the "Zero Bureaucracy Programme.”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In a significant announcement made during a session at the second Ajman Real Estate Investment Exhibition, organised by the Ajman Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation from February 20 to 22, Engineer Yousuf Ahmad Al Ali, CEO of Etihad Water and Electricity (EtihadWE), affirmed the company's complete readiness to provide water and electricity services to all current and future real estate development projects in Ajman and other areas serviced by the company. The exhibition was held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman. The session witnessed the presence of H.E. Omar Ahmed bin Omair Al Muhairi, Director-General of Ajman Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation, and H.E. Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director-General of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, alongside numerous officials, developers, and media representatives.

Engineer Al Ali emphasized the pivotal role of EtihadWE in supporting the flourishing real estate sector in the UAE, a key contributor to the nation's economy's sustainability through its central role in attracting investments, generating employment opportunities, and fostering growth in other sectors. He highlighted the company's understanding that each real estate project has unique operational and financial circumstances, expressing a willingness to offer diverse facilitation measures, including the possibility of fee instalment plans, to ease developers' financial burdens and support project cash flows.

The CEO underlined that the UAE now has a strong and advanced infrastructure for water and electricity across all emirates, a testament to the wise vision of the leadership and the outcome of the national strategies implemented. This infrastructure is supported by the unwavering backing and prudent directives of the leadership, providing the necessary components for a unified and interconnected national network capable of driving sustainable development across various sectors.

Al Ali praised the support from strategic partners at all levels, including executive councils and municipalities, reaffirming the company's commitment to opening new dialogue channels with all relevant entities to establish strategic cooperation and strengthen joint work foundations. This effort aims to unify systems, overcome challenges, align perspectives, and thus provide faster, more efficient, and reliable services. He stressed the importance of flexibility to enhance national joint efforts, meeting public expectations and leadership aspirations for service efficiency, sustainability, and achieving the Zero Bureaucracy Programme targets of the current UAE government's work phase, marking a new step towards consolidating the UAE's global leadership in resource management, simplifying people's lives, and fostering an investment-friendly and business growth environment.

Following the session, H.E. Omar Ahmed bin Omar Al Muhairi, acknowledged Engineer Yousif Al Ali for the pivotal role of EtihadWE in supporting real estate development projects and its ongoing commitment to satisfying the developmental needs in Ajman.


About EtihadWE:

EtihadWE was established in 2020 under the Federal Decree-Law No. (31) of 2020 to carry out the duties assigned to the Federal Electricity & Water Authority at that time. It is wholly owned by the Emirates Investment Authority and is mandated to meet the needs of the northern emirates for electricity and desalinated water. EtihadWE seeks to become a global leader and achieve the highest levels of excellence in the services it provides, achieve sustainability, reduce waste in natural resources, launch institutional initiatives aimed at supporting economic sustainability and preserving the environment, in addition to fulfilling its social responsibilities.