Dubai, UAE : Emirates Draw, the UAE's premier game operator, launches its latest game, FAST5, at a press conference last Friday. FAST5 offers participants the fastest route to winning with a single AED 25 ticket. Participants not only compete for the impressive Grand Prize of AED 25,000 every month for the next 25 years, but also three participants could win substantial amounts of AED 75,000, AED 50,000, and AED 25,000 each in the Raffle Draw. FAST5 is more than just a game; it offers an incredible opportunity to fast-track dreams and unlock a world of possibilities.

FAST5 will take place every Saturday at 9 pm UAE time, with the first game set to be broadcast live on May 27, 2023. Every ticket is a two-in-one opportunity, expanding the potential to claim victory and change lives.

Building upon the success of its existing games, Emirates Draw now provides participants an unparalleled opportunity to play three exciting games every week, enhancing their opportunities to win "For A Better Tomorrow." The MEGA7 game offers a Grand Prize of AED 100 million, the largest prize in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, while EASY6, priced at AED 15, provides the easiest gameplay with a Grand Prize of AED 15 million.

Why choose FAST5?

The name itself captures the game's dynamic nature and its ability to rapidly transform lives. Participants only need to select 5 numbers out of a pool of 42 balls, a game format that significantly increases the odds of winning compared to all other 5-ball draws.

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Commenting on the launch of FAST5, Paul Chader, Head of Marketing at Emirates Draw, enthusiastically expressed, "We are absolutely thrilled to unveil our third game, FAST5, as a testament to the incredible success and unwavering support we have received since introducing our initial games, MEGA7 and EASY6. With a modest AED 25 ticket, FAST5 offers players the opportunity to transform their entrepreneurial dreams into reality, own their dream home without the burden of a mortgage, and contribute to causes that deeply resonate with their heart. It provides consistent and reliable income for winners from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a future of stability, security, and freedom from financial worries.”

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How to Play FAST5?

If you're new to Emirates Draw or looking for information about FAST5, here are the details:

Entrants can participate in the FAST5 draw by purchasing an AED 25 ticket on the official Emirates Draw website or through the app, available on both Android and Apple stores.

Every purchase supports planting coral fragments as part of the organisation’s leading social and environmental responsibility programme in line with the UAE government’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation. 

After registering online or the app, participants select their preferred five-digit numbers from a pool of 42 balls or opt for the system to choose their numbers randomly via the 'Quick-Pick' button. Participants have the option to choose the current draw or opt for 'Multiple Upcoming Draws,' allowing them to select up to five consecutive weeks (5 drawings) in advance.

Book your numbers early and be a part of the action first-hand this Saturday, May 27, 2023, at 9 PM UAE time on Emirates Draw's digital platforms, YouTube, Facebook, and the official website, for a live stream that will bring the excitement right to you. For more information, call the toll-free number 800 7777 7777 or visit and stay tuned with the latest updates by following Emirates Draw on social media platforms @emiratesdraw.


About Emirates Draw

Emirates Draw is the UAE’s leading gaming operator that provides entertainment, innovative gaming platforms and products with a CSR-first approach to supporting individuals and society. A proud organisation rooted in the values of working towards a sustainable future, grounded on social and environmental responsibility principles, positively impacting, and bringing real change one life at a time for its lucky winners. Emirates Draw is committed to societal welfare through its leading Coral Reef Restoration Programme, ‘For A Better Tomorrow’. The organisation features three fast-growing games, MEGA7, EASY6, and FAST5 delivering millions of dirhams weekly. 

About Emirates Draw FAST5

FAST5 is an exceptional weekly game that offers participants the opportunity to win a life-changing Grand Prize of AED 25,000 every month for 25 years and 3 Guaranteed Winners of AED 75,000, AED 50,000, and AED 35,000 each. With its unique format, players only need to select five balls out of 42, significantly increasing their odds of winning. FAST5 draws take place every Saturday at 9 PM UAE time, paving the way for an extraordinary life filled with endless possibilities.