On March 17, 2024, Aramco awarded the site development and early works package for the Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) project, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to Abdullah Fahad Al-Khaledi Company for General Contracting (AFAC), pursuant to a Joint Development Agreement with Linde and SLB.  The Project Management team has mobilized to the site and execution work has commenced.

The CCS Phase 1 project aims to construct a CCS hub, transportation pipeline, and injection systems to store 9.0 MTPA by 2027. The first phase of the project will capture CO2 emissions from three Aramco gas plants and other third parties, and then transport the CO2 before injection into the targeted reservoir for storage.

The main scope also includes the conditioning and compression of CO2 collected from the Aramco gas plants, prior to transportation to the injection sink via a 200+ km collection pipeline. The project aims to enable the transition of local industries and sectors to cleaner and more sustainable operations and is capable of expansion in subsequent phases.