|11 April, 2018

Co-working market growth spurt sparks exclusive GCC investment opportunities

WorkSpace Commerce has identified the GCC as holding a pivotal role in the sector following the region's business development opportunities

Dubai, UAE – WorkSpace Commerce (WSC) was formed in 2016 to fill a major gap in the entrepreneurship network, through co-working and flexible office spaces. With global expansion plans in the pipeline, WSC looks to GCC-wide investors to help develop its ever growing and boastful property portfolio.

Since 2016, globally, the sector has been thriving with the market seeking more innovative, vibrant and cost-effective alternatives to the uninspiring standard. WSC has identified that the market is currently at a nascent stage with potential to expand at a vast rate. In consideration of this, the company has recognised the GCC as one of the leading region’s to boost the market. The company will be offering investors low entry but high yield investment opportunities initially in London, where the market is booming, and the Middle East.

From entrepreneurs and SMEs, to freelancers and individual professionals, co-working is recognised as the perfect environment for mobile working opportunities. The alternative option has become extremely popular due to its unique selling points, which includes convenient and accessible locations, flexible contracts and affordable rental packages. WSC currently has three properties across the world, including The Hale in North London, Fitspace in Shanghai and East London’s Areaworks Hoxton, which is the newest property offering.

Panny Lawrence, founder and CEO of WSC, comments: “There are multiple factors as to why we have identified the GCC region as a key investor market and development partner for our property portfolio. The region continues to achieve growth, which has resulted in multiple businesses starting up who need the support of a more flexible work space. In addition, residents of the GCC continue to invest in properties in London and we want to offer them opportunities with WorkSpace Commerce.”

The latest Global Co-working Survey: The 2018 Co-working Forecast estimated that 1.7 million people will be working in around 19,000 co-working facilities internationally by the end of 2018. It has been predicted that 40% of the workforce will be freelancers and individual contractors by 2020. Fifty per cent report higher incomes whilst working in co-working spaces, and it is noted that 66% of line managers and colleagues consider flexibility improves efficiency and productivity.

Strong financial partners are required to assist in the growth of the WSC portfolio, to acquire more buildings across the UK with a favourable blend of property leases and ownership available. Working with huge market demand and a sustainable business model, WSC is on track to achieving its strategy, to expand to 30 new buildings around the world in the next five to seven years. The team have a combined 50 years plus of experience in co-working, property, shared office management, and a track record of building successful start-ups. WSC has its own in-house design and construction team, project managers and a global sales network, with international offices in London, Dubai and Shanghai.


WorkSpace Commerce Ltd. (WSC) is a social enterprise founded to fill the major gap in the entrepreneurship ecosystem across the globe, with international offices in London, Dubai and Shanghai. WSC aims to create an efficient way to doing business and daily living through resources offered within a shared economy business model.

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