Five essential tips for professionals working from home during COVID-19

A few basic work-from-home etiquettes that people should follow in the current situation

Close up of hacker hand work on laptop. Image used for illustrative purpose.

Close up of hacker hand work on laptop. Image used for illustrative purpose.

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The global spread of the coronavirus has most people working from home. For many, working remotely is a strange situation that comes with its own set of challenges. In such a an environment, people can look at the current work situation as an opportunity to stay close to family with the least amount of impact to their jobs or business.

However, the trick lies in maintaining the work-life balance in such unprecedented times.

Here are a few tips for making the most of your remote work situation.

Follow a schedule

Maintain regular work hours with scheduled breaks for tea/coffee or lunch. Have your meals away from your temporary work station so that you get to enjoy a brief change of scenery. Stick to a structure or time table. 

Learn to switch off

It is easy to work for long stretches from home when you are working remotely. But it's very important to know when to switch off from work and engage in an activity that is completely different such as doing household chores, listening to music or cooking. Remember those extra hours at work are eating into your meaningful family time.

Manage home time

You need to establish clear boundaries and keep time aside for leisure and to pursue indoor activities with your family. Do not ignore your health. This is probably the best time to learn a few Yoga postures. It’s easy to work a 14-18 hour day from home, so please refrain.

Avoid mixing work and family

There might be stressful situations at work and at times you might be conducting difficult online meetings from home. Ensure that you do that in a separate room so that your children or other members of the family do not internalise what they overhear and stress about it.

Be considerate of colleagues' home environment

Do not presume that every team member has similar infrastructure or living space as you. Some colleagues might be struggling to carve out work space for themselves at home while some might have to share their space with their spouse or flat mate or even roommate/s. Be patient and respectful.

(Writing by Mily Chakrabarty; Editing by Seban Scaria)


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