The Government of Umm Al Qaiwain is committed to intensifying efforts to promote environmental sustainability by preserving natural resources.

This commitment is demonstrated through the launch of initiatives aimed at achieving positive change in alignment with sustainable development goals.

The emirate has adopted and implemented various initiatives to protect the environment, most notably the Umm Al Qaiwain Sustainable Blue Economy Strategy. This strategy lays out a clear foundation for the future growth of the emirate. It is a comprehensive developmental and transformative strategy that identifies promising economic opportunities in line with global trends.

The strategy aims to increase the share of the blue economy in the emirate's GDP to no less than 40 percent by focusing on several marine economic sectors, such as maritime transport, eco-tourism, blue carbon, sustainable fisheries, and climate-neutral industrial zones.

On the sidelines of the COP28 conference, the Government of Umm Al Qaiwain launched an initiative to develop a set of guidelines for the Sustainable Blue Economy Strategy.

This initiative is in partnership with the Ministry of Economy, the Emirates Nature-WWF, and the World Wildlife Fund. The initiative includes key sectors that encourage the private sector to adopt sustainable practices, such as tourism, recreation, the built environment, and seafood.

In an effort to protect the environment from the dangers of plastic pollution, reduce the negative impacts of incorrect practices, and promote a culture of environmental protection and sustainability, the Executive Council of Umm Al Qaiwain issued a decision in January of this year regarding the regulation of single-use products in the emirate's markets.

This decision mandates the reduction of production and consumption of single-use products and ensures the continuous availability of sustainable and reusable alternatives in all shopping centres, retail stores, and sales outlets.

The environmental initiatives in the Year of Sustainability 2023 have continued into this year, 2024, as part of extending the Year of Sustainability initiative to enhance the quality of life in the emirate.

Umm Al Qaiwain Municipality has implemented numerous initiatives and campaigns contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals. These efforts are in line with the strategic plan of the Government of Umm Al Qaiwain to enhance strategic partnerships and build effective best practices in sustainability. These initiatives include signing agreements to improve agricultural services in the emirate and enhance the quality of life by maintaining green spaces, launching a tree-planting initiative in the emirate's industrial areas, specifically in the Umm Al Thuoob area, where ghaf tree saplings were distributed to over 150 factories to promote sustainable agricultural practices, and preserve a healthy environment and the emirate's overall aesthetic.

Additionally, the Planting Week, "Together, Let's Plant the UAE," was implemented in February, during which various environmental initiatives were carried out, including the distribution of free plant saplings to the residents of the emirate. Awareness campaigns and educational programmes were also conducted in schools and universities to emphasise the importance of environmental preservation. Community initiatives supporting sustainable environmental practices were launched to promote a healthy environment and a sustainable lifestyle for everyone.

In light of the importance of innovation and its role in achieving sustainability, Innovation Month in Umm Al Qaiwain saw the implementation of numerous programmes and activities by government agencies and institutions in the emirate, highlighting the significance of innovation in promoting sustainability. These activities included exhibitions, workshops, and educational lectures.

Community initiatives in Umm Al Qaiwain were diverse, including those that highlighted the connection between art and the environment. One such event was the "Art UAQ" held in February, which integrated art and environmental culture by showcasing the works of 25 local artists. This festival presented a unique blend of cultural heritage with a series of interactive activities that helped spread awareness and encourage participation in environmental events.

Another notable community initiative was the "Greening Our World" campaign, recently executed by Umm Al Qaiwain Mall. This initiative aimed to promote environmental stewardship by planting 1,000 saplings in various schools across the emirate. Additionally, the mall hosted an exhibition of handicrafts inspired by sustainability principles and a clean energy inventions exhibit featuring eco-friendly products.

Various institutions in Umm Al Qaiwain continue to implement initiatives in the second half of this year that emphasise the importance of environmental protection, the Year of Sustainability, and the preservation of natural resources for future generations. These efforts aim to achieve sustainable development that balances economic growth with environmental conservation.