The "Role of Human Rights Mechanisms in the Context of Armed Conflicts" seminar organised by the Union Association for Human Rights presented the UAE's humanitarian endeavours amidst wars and armed conflicts.

At the event, which was held at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, the speakers commended the UAE's leading role as a humanitarian aid donor relative to its gross national income.

Convened by the association in collaboration with the Arab-European Human Rights Dialogue, along with several European and international organisations, on the sidelines of the 55th session of the Human Rights Council, the seminar underscored the UAE's humanitarian and relief initiatives for those affected by conflicts.

The seminar highlighted the UAE's various humanitarian and relief initiatives for those affected by conflicts. These initiatives focus on ensuring fundamental rights like life and health through water and food security, hospital development, healthcare support, treatment for the injured, and collaborations with UNICEF and other UN bodies.

The seminar also recognised the UAE's contributions during its tenure on the UN Security Council, particularly its support for Resolution 2720, urging substantial steps to boost humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza and safeguard UN personnel and humanitarian workers during conflicts.

The seminar advocated for the development of international mechanisms to safeguard civilians during conflicts, uphold adherence to international humanitarian law, grant immunity to humanitarian workers, and establish humanitarian ceasefires and safe corridors for civilians' access to essential services and livelihood support.

Additionally, it recommended the prohibition of military actions endangering civilians, especially women and children, bolstering protection for civilian infrastructure and medical facilities, reinforcing international accountability mechanisms for violations and crimes during armed conflicts, ensuring accountability and prosecution, and amplifying the role of non-governmental organisations in humanitarian aid during conflicts.

The seminar witnessed broad participation from international experts, UN special rapporteurs, representatives of numerous human rights-focused international organisations and initiatives, as well as journalists accredited by the UN and several participating countries in the Human Rights Council sessions.