Today, the UAE dispatched a plane carrying 50 tonnes of aid in food supplies to the Republic of Seychelles to provide humanitarian relief to thousands of families impacted by the recent floods, which have caused severe and widespread damage. The plane was deployed in coordination with several humanitarian institutions in the UAE.

Sultan Al Shamsi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for International Development Affairs, stated, “Under the directives of our wise leadership, the UAE remains steadfast in its humanitarian commitments, offering continuous support to alleviate the impact of the recent global humanitarian and natural crises. These take many different forms, including waves of drought, floods, and earthquakes. In this context, the UAE’s humanitarian response aims to deliver essential food, medications, and various relief supplies, tailored to the specific needs of each crisis.”

He further emphasised that the dispatch of aid underscores the strong and deep-rooted relations between the two countries, as well as illustrating the UAE’s commitment to fulfilling its humanitarian responsibilities, which is evident in the country’s leading role in assisting nations facing challenging circumstances arising from natural disasters, and in mitigating the consequences of severe climate change.