MUSCAT: Ramachandran Nair, a long-time resident of Oman originally hailing from India, has accomplished the extraordinary feat of securing a plot of land on the moon.

Confirming this acquisition to Times of Oman, Nair said, “I have officially received the land deed for my lunar property from the esteemed Luna Society International, a distinguished US-based organisation.”

The transaction, etched in the annals of space exploration, was formally documented by the International Lunar Lands Registry on September 2, 2023.

Nair’s expansive three-acre lunar estate is nestled on the ethereal Lake of Happiness, a captivating lava-flooded plain residing in the northeastern quadrant of Earth’s celestial neighbour, Lacus Felicitatis [Lake of Happiness].

This groundbreaking deal holds the option for renewal on or before December 31, 2025, with Nair’s property officially designated as Tract L-LAFE-55, Lot(s) 115605, 115606, and 115607.

Nair’s registration claim deed provides intricate details, including lunar parcel numbers, names of lunar areas designated by prestigious international research institutes, and a registration certificate equipped with precise latitude and longitude coordinates for the acquired celestial land. This bold venture underscores the escalating fascination with lunar exploration and the burgeoning enthusiasm for lunar real estate investments, marking humanity’s imminent foray beyond Earth.

The Luna Society International’s citation not only bestows upon Nair full and permanent citizenship of the Lunar Republic but also establishes him as part of a legally organised and registered International Business Company.

With the growing allure of lunar exploration and habitation, such investments are gaining widespread traction among people across the world, foreseeing the moon as the next frontier for human activity.

Lunar land acquisition

Proceeds from Nair’s historic lunar land acquisition will play a pivotal role in funding essential programmes spearheaded by the Luna Society. This includes financing the pioneering non-governmental manned mission to the moon, alongside providing support for scholarships and educational initiatives spanning all grade levels.

The perpetual documentation of Nair’s lunar property in the International Lunar Lands Registry’s annual publication is a testament to its significance, copyrighted and deposited in prestigious institutions such as the United States Library of Congress, the United Kingdom (U.K. Patent Office), Japan (Japan Copyright Office), Russia (Rospatent), and the United Nations (U.N. Depository Library), adhering to the stringent standards of the Berne Convention.

Enthusiasts keen on exploring lunar real estate opportunities can find comprehensive details on the website.

The celestial frontier beckons, and Nair’s remarkable journey serves as an inspiration for those daring to reach for the moon - quite literally.

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