The Museum of the Future, a global platform inviting changemakers, pioneers, futurists, innovators, academics, and the global community to support efforts in building a more sustainable tomorrow, distributed 2071 Ghaf trees to visitors during the 52nd UAE Union Day.

The initiative took place in collaboration with the museum’s strategic partner Dubai Municipality, as part of the museum’s long-term commitment to sustainability, and supports efforts to create a long-standing positive impact. The initiative is symbolic as it takes place during the UAE’s ‘Year of Sustainability’, during which the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) is being held.

2071 Ghaf trees were gifted, reflecting the museum’s vision of transporting visitors to the UAE’s Centennial year.

Native to the UAE and revered as the national tree of the country, the Ghaf tree holds great cultural and ecological significance. The gifting of the Ghaf tree to visitors is not only a testament to the museum's commitment to sustainability but also a symbolic representation of the nation's dedication to preserving its natural heritage.

Majed Al Mansoori, Deputy Executive Director at the Museum of the Future, commented, “The Ghaf tree is a historical and cultural symbol of stability, resilience, abundance and tolerance in even the most challenging of environments. This initiative supports the museum’s aim to increase collective awareness about the importance of biodiversity, sustainability and the role we all play in supporting healthy and diverse natural ecosystems. In partnership with Dubai Municipality, we invite visitors to contribute to maintaining balance within our ecosystem and support a more sustainable future for all”.

Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al-Awadi, Director of Agriculture Department at Dubai Municipality, said, "Through our collaborative initiative with the Museum of the Future, launched as part of the 52nd National Day celebrations in the UAE, we, at Dubai Municipality, reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the continuous enhancement of green spaces and the preservation of the ecosystem’s sustainability and biodiversity. The initiative sheds light on the environmental significance of the Ghaf Tree, and its historic symbolism as the national tree of the country, and further underscores the Municipality’s efforts to foster its cultivation. Furthermore, it emphasizes our commitment to making Dubai a more sustainable and appealing city as we strive towards achieving a sustainable future. This initiative aligns with the UAE's hosting of COP 28 at Expo Dubai, representing the nation's visionary approach to a better and more sustainable future for coming generations. Moreover, it reflects the UAE’s global leadership in climate action and reinforces its commitment to creating a positive impact on a worldwide scale.”

As a global platform focused on studying the future and creating deep discussions about emerging scientific and environmental trends, the Museum of the Future plays a key role in inspiring visitors to protect and preserve our natural ecosystem.