The Ministry of Finance has released official data detailing expenditure across various sectors during the past ten months of the fiscal year 2023-2024 in Kuwait, reports Al- Qabas daily. The following is a breakdown of the expenditures: Education — Total spending on education reached approximately 2.3 billion dinars.

The majority of funds, around 894 million dinars, were allocated to pre-primary and primary education, followed by 825 million dinars for secondary education. Higher education received 293 million dinars, with research and development in education accounting for around 155 thousand dinars. Health — Expenditure on health amounted to 2.1 billion dinars. The bulk of this, approximately 1.9 billion dinars, went towards hospital services, while 62 million dinars were allocated for medical equipment and products. Research and development in health received about 229 thousand dinars.

Housing and Community Facilities — Expenditure in this category totaled around 3.05 billion dinars. Funds were allocated for housing development, water supply, street lighting, and other housing-related utilities. Economic Affairs — Total spending on economic affairs amounted to 2.08 billion dinars. This included 350 million dinars for transportation and approximately 1.1 billion dinars for fuel and energy. Other expenses covered communications, mining, agriculture, and fishing. Public Order and Safety Affairs — Expenditure in this sector reached about 1.3 billion dinars. The majority, around 1.04 billion dinars, went to police services, while courts received about 277 million dinars.

Remaining expenses were allocated for prisons and other related services. Religion, Culture, and Entertainment — Approximately 367 million dinars were allocated for religious, cultural, and entertainment services. Religious services received around 197 million dinars, followed by radio and publishing services with expenses totaling 132 million dinars. Social Protection — Expenditure on social protection services, covering areas such as old age, family and children, housing, and social distancing, amounted to about 334 million dinars by the end of January.




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