The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has implemented the "Ready 5" mock exercise at the Emirati-Jordanian Camp Mrajeeb Al-Fhood in Jordan for Syrian refugees.

Some 25 male and female volunteers in the Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Team participated in the exercise, as part of the philanthropic authority’s operational plans and programmes to enhance the capabilities of the team members, qualify and prepare them to carry out their voluntary duties in emergencies.

The mock exercise was attended by Hamoud Abdullah Al Junaibi, ERC Secretary-General, Ali Salem Al Nyadi, Leader of the UAE Relief team at the camp, and several officials.

The mock exercise programme included field courses for members of the Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Team, on evacuations, shelter, subsistence, healthcare, logistical and psychological support, and equipping them with the necessary skills as leaders of crisis management and dealing with refugees and affected people in their exceptional circumstances, as well as managing field hospitals at the sites of emergency events.

Al Junaibi said that the mock exercise comes within the ERC's operational plans and strategy to dissimilate the culture of humanitarian and voluntary work on a large scale, especially among young people, and urge them to join its activities.

He also thanked the ERC’s partners in the Jordanian arena, the Emirati-Jordanian camp management, and volunteers who were keen to participate and bear the burdens of training and the hardship of travel.