The Lagos State Government is set to spam sanctions on leading e-hailing company, Uber over failure to comply with the data-sharing agreement between the government and the e-hailing platforms operating in the State.

In a statement signed on Sunday by the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Oluwaseun Osiyemi, the State government said that Uber is the only company yet to fully comply with established regulatory framework regarding data-sharing agreement between the government and the e-hailing platforms operating in the State.

According to the Lagos State statement, “The Lagos State Ministry of Transportation has noted with dismay the misinformation on various Social Media channels on the data-sharing agreement between the government and the e-hailing platforms operating in the State.

“For the avoidance of doubt, all the e-hailing companies agreed to the importance of this venture to security and safety in the State and each company has independently signed an agreement, fully committing to it’s implementation. Therefore, we affirm our unwavering commitment to ensuring complete compliance with these measures.

“The API integration was instituted to establish a reliable driver and passenger verification platform which will enable the government ensure that the e-hailing services comply with necessary background checks, vehicle inspections, and driver licensing requirements.

“This will significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised or unqualified individuals operating as drivers, enhancing the overall safety and trustworthiness of the e-hailing platforms.

“By prioritizing the safety and security of drivers and passengers, this collaboration will play a vital role in transforming Lagos into a city with a more reliable and trusted transportation network.

“We wish to state that APIs are not new, and there should be no fears about real-time tracking of users, considering the existing practices of digital platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, and even Netflix. With their tracking practices, these social media channels already track users’ real-time locations through their various services, enabling them to push location-specific content to users.

“Therefore, the introduction of an API with e-hailing services for real-time tracking in Lagos should be seen as a positive step towards ensuring the safety and security of drivers and passengers.

“The API will also enable the government to react promptly in emergencies, providing an additional layer of protection to users of this service.

“It is apposite to state that notable countries and states in America, Asia, and Europe have adopted API integration in view of its vital role in enabling real-time data sharing, monitoring, and accountability during active trips.

“Accordingly, the promptness of Lagos State in aligning with the API in accordance with international best practices should be applauded as it emphasises the State’s special status as a pacesetter in Nigeria, of which the API integration is a shining example.

“We express our gratitude to all e-hailing companies that have voluntarily adhered to the data-sharing agreement. We also take this opportunity to call on Uber, the only company yet to fully comply, to promptly seek resolution within the established regulatory framework.

“It is imperative to state that non-compliance will lead to stringent sanctions in strict accordance with State laws and regulations. We emphasize that the decision to enforce sanctions is a measure of last resort, undertaken in the best interest of all stakeholders.”

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