Danny Sebright, President of the US-UAE Business Council, stressed the significance of the World Governments Summit (WGS) as a pivotal forum uniting global thought leaders and decision-makers.

Speaking to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) during the summit, Sebright highlighted the imperative for governments to collaborate with the private sector and civil society in addressing pressing global challenges.

Sebright underscored WGS's role in showcasing cutting-edge technological innovations and serving as a vital platform for generating solutions amidst the rapid evolution of global challenges.

He noted the US-UAE Business Council long-standing partnership with the summit, ensuring robust private sector involvement and representation, with the council helping to provide recommendations through the participation of US company CEOs.

The President of the US-UAE Business Council emphasised the summit's focus on artificial intelligence (AI), a key agenda item.

He highlighted the Council's commitment to facilitating trade cooperation between the United States and the UAE in AI, emphasising opportunities for US companies to engage in collaborative ventures with the UAE.

Sebright outlined the Council's initiatives, including hosting events featuring senior officials from the US government and business leaders, aimed at enhancing understanding of the UAE's AI ecosystem.