Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday that it will tender seven desalination projects under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model starting 2024.

The Independent Water Plant (IWP) projects represent an aggregate desalination capacity of 2.8 million cubic metres per day (m3/day), according to details shared by the National Centre for Privatisation & PPP (NCP).

The IWPs, owned by the Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture, would be procured under 25-year Build-Own-Operate (BOO) contracts.

Zawya Projects has listed the seven IWPs below as per their launch dates:

  • IWP Ras Al Khair 2

Location: Ras Alkhair

Capacity: 600,000 m3/day

Launch: February 2024

  • IWP Ras Al Khair 3

Location: Ras Alkhair

Capacity: 400,000 m3/day

Launch: April 2024

  • IWP Tabuk

Location: Tabuk

Capacity: 400,000 m3/day

March 2025

  • IWP Alshuqaiq 4

Location: Alshuqaiq

Capacity: 400,000 m3/day

Launch: July 2025

  • IWP Rabigh 5

Location: Rabigh

Capacity: 400,000 m3/day

Launch: April 2027

  • IWP Rayis 2

Location: Rayis

Capacity: 300,000 m3/day

Launch: July 2035

  • IWP Jazan

Location: Jazan

Capacity: 300,000 m3/day

Launch: Not stated

On Wednesday, Saudi state news agency SPA reported that the NCP has approved 200 projects for privatisation and co-development with the private sector under the public-private partnership (PPP) model in 17 sectors.

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(Writing by Anoop Menon; Editing by Bhaskar Raj)