MUSCAT: Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) — a member of Nama Group — has reached significant milestones in its grid station construction projects, highlighting its commitment to infrastructure development and maintaining a high standard of safety.

The completion and energisation of the Mahout and Duqm grid stations, along with the ongoing progress of the Jifneen Grid Station, demonstrate OETC’s dedication to enhancing the country’s electricity transmission network.

The Mahout grid station, a 400/33kV facility, has been successfully constructed and energised, thanks to a total investment of more than RO 14 million.

The project’s completion marks a major achievement for OETC, with a remarkable record of +1.7 million safe manhours. The station’s successful energisation will contribute to the stability and reliability of the electricity supply in Mahout and surrounding areas, supporting the growing demands of consumers and businesses.

Furthermore, OETC has also achieved a significant milestone with the energisation of the 400/132/33kV Duqm grid station.

This project, which required a total investment of around RO 24 million, has been completed with an outstanding record of +2.5 million safe manhours.

The Duqm grid station’s successful energisation will play a vital role in supporting the economic development of the Duqm Special Economic Zone, facilitating the reliable transmission of power to meet the energy demands of various industries and projects in the region.

In addition to these achievements, OETC is making remarkable progress in the construction of the 400kV Jifneen Grid Station, which is currently at an advanced stage. With a total investment of over RO 25 million, the project has achieved an impressive progressing percentage of 98.55 per cent.

The Jifneen Grid Station, once completed, will strengthen the electricity transmission infrastructure and enhance the efficiency of power distribution in the surrounding areas.

OETC’s commitment to safety is commendable, with each project achieving millions of safe manhours.

The company’s prioritisation of safety measures and adherence to stringent guidelines have ensured the well-being of the workforce throughout the construction phases.

These remarkable safety records are a testament to OETC’s dedication to maintaining a safe working environment and protecting the welfare of its employees.

OETC’s accomplishments in completing these grid stations underscore its pivotal role in Oman’s long-term energy strategy.

The company’s continuous efforts to enhance the transmission infrastructure will support the nation’s economic growth, attract investments, and ensure a stable and reliable power supply for all sectors.

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